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1.   Geology
2.   Soil Engineering
3.   Clearing/Grubbing & Demolition
4.   Earthwork and Heavy Equipment
5.   Rock Excavation
6.   Water and Sitework
7.   Trench Protection
8.   Underground Piping
9.   Underground Utilities
10. Curb and Sidewalk
11. Paving
12. Landscaping


  1. What type rock formation is underlying the site?
  2. How is the rock to excavate? Hold in a slope? Drain water?

Soil Engineering

  1. Are geological, topographical, water and soil maps available for the site?
  2. What type of soil is on the site?
  3. Is onsite soil suitable for intended use?
  4. What soil boring work and testing has been done and is it available?
  5. What soil compaction (% maximum density) is required?
  6. Is standard proctor or modified proctor to be used?
  7. What methods will be used to control soil slope stability?

Clearing/Grubbing & Demolition

  1. What is disposal method for stumps, trees, brush?
    a.    Burning
    b.    Burying
    c.    Chipping
    d.    Selling
  2. What equipment will be used? How many pieces? Tentative schedule for work?
  3. Is there a burning ordinance? What are requirements?
  4. Where can material be buried?
  5. Site demolition:
    a.    If underground structures are removed, where are they disposed?
    b.    What are the requirements for fill exposed area?
    c.    Clear limits of work? Responsibility for establishing in field?
    d.    Method and equipment used in pavement demolition?
    e.    Saw cuts required and who lays them out?
    f.     Location and legality of dump site?
    g.    If required, requirements for on site disposal or use as rip rap?
  6. Building demolition:
    a.    Are demolition requirements clearly shown or indicated?
    b.    Is responsibility clear?
    c.    Is asbestos or hazardous materials involved?
    d.    Neighboring buildings monitoring?
    e.    Dump site requirements?
    f.     Finish condition of site?

Earthwork & Heavy Equipment

  1. Who lays out property (project) corners in field?
  2. How will site be staked for excavation?
  3. What is the sequence of excavation and what and how much equipment will be required?
  4. What are contingency plans for rain, snow, cold, heat?
  5. Responsibility for following items:?
    a.    Cut/fill
    b.    Hauling borrow
    c.    Finding borrow site/dump site
    d.    Trenching
    e.    Backfilling trenching
    f.     Hauling excavation spoils
    g.    Unsuitable material for backfilling
    h.    Site re-grading for access
    i.     Crushed stone for site re-grading for access
    j.     Testing for compaction

Rock Excavation

  1. What geotechnical testing information is available?
  2. Is the excavation classified or non-classified?
  3. What equipment will be used for ripping?
    What levels of production will be anticipated?
  4. What type of drill and bit will be used?
    What are the alternatives?
  5.  Is blaster licensed?
    Are permits obtained?

Water & Sitework

  1. What is the groundwater level? How quickly does water flow through the soil?
  2. Where will dewatering be required?
  3. Who is responsible for dewatering?
    a.    System installation
    b.    Utility costs
    c.    Maintenance
    d.    Liability/failure or adjacent structure damage
    e.    Removal
  4. Who is responsible to remove mud and muck near dewatering equipment?
  5. Are there any special electrical or fuel requirements for the pumps? Who is responsible?
  6. Will seepage be controlled by a cutoff wall? What type?
  7. Who is responsible to protect the site from offsite storm water running onto project? What method will be used?
  8. Will the site be smooth rolled and graded during construction to drain
    a.    offsite
    b.    sump pit
  9. Who is responsible for determining erosion control plan and legal compliance? Erosion control installation? Maintenance?

Trench Protection

  1. What types of trench protection will be used? (Laid back trench sides, Benched trench sides, Trench shields, Wood shoring and bracing,  Plywood/hydraulic jacks, Steel sheet piling, etc)?
  2. Who will be primarily responsible for safety?
  3. Who has surface restoration? Are limits established?

Underground Piping

  1. Who calls underground locators?
  2. Who unloads and places pipe?
  3. How will crosslines be handled? (Location and elevation verification), (Protection)?
  4. Who provides layout?
  5. Excavation?
  6. Stone bedding?
  7. Backfill?
  8. Exactly how will required pipe testing be handled?
  9. Who forms and installs thrust blocks?
  10. Who has surface restoration?
  11. Are limits established?

Underground Utilities

  1. Who calls underground locators?
  2. Obtain utility standards and requirements?
  3. Who is the utility contact person?
  4. How are utility fees paid?
  5. Who pays utility fees?

Curb and Sidewalk

  1. Curb layout?
  2. Curb excavation?
  3. Curb backfill?
  4. Stone sub-base under curb?
  5. Curb quality level (line, grade, finish)?
  6. Curb reinforcing?
  7. Type and spacing of curb joints?
  8. Contractor method of providing joints?
  9. Sidewalk layout?
  10. Sidewalk excavation?
  11. Sidewalk backfill?
  12. Sidewalk stone sub-base?
  13. Sidewalk reinforcing?
  14. Sidewalk joints?
  15. Sidewalk caulking?
  16. Sidewalk finish?


  1. Who performs route survey?
  2. Who performs road staking?
  3. What method of staking shall be used?
  4. Who replaces damaged stakes?
  5. What is the exact sequence of paving operations?
  6. Responsibility? (Prepare sub-grade, approve grade, Purchase, place, compact crushed stone, approve stone grade, Purchase, place, compact bituminous paving, Line striping)?
  7. Sub-base aggregate (structural or drainage)? If drainage, details acceptable for long term usefulness?
  8. Who approves bituminous paving width (joint locations)?


  1. Who is responsible for fine grading?
  2. Stripping topsoil?
  3. Replacing topsoil?
  4. Preparing seed bed?
  5. Seeding?
  6. Mulching?
  7. Fertilizing?
  8. Liming?
  9. Sodding?
  10. Planting?
  11. Protecting plants in adverse weather conditions?
  12. Maintenance (Watering, Mowing, Weeding, Spraying, Warranty responsibilities)?
  13. Allowable planting dates