First determine the Evaporation Rate in your pool room:
Air: (Normal is 82F)
Pool Water: (Normal is 80F)

And then figure the Air Changes:
• Normal is 4 to 6 air changes per hour.
• Add 2 more changes per hour for pools with spectator facilities.

Next, Determine your Outside Air Needs:
• 0.5 CFM of outside air (OA)/sq.ft. of pool & deck area
   OR 15 CFM of outside air per person (Whichever is greater).
• Contact factory rep. for design help when OA requirements are greater than 15% of unit CFM.

"Must Have" List:
• Means of heat rejection for summertime usage (i.e. air cooled condenser).
• Maintain pool at .05 to .15 negative pressure with exhaust fan.
• Try to place exhaust grille directly over the whirlpool.
• Supply air should be blown across full width of all windows.
• Put return grille 10 to 15 feet above pool floor level as far away from any whirlpools as possible.
• Need separate plastic, inline pump for pool water to be circulated through dehumidifier for pool heating.
• Vapor barrier on warm (inside) portion of outside wall and ceiling.
• Maintain pool water pH level between 7.2 and 7.6.
• Have a minimum of 2.5 duct diameters coming into the return and off of the discharge of the unit.

"Don't Do This" List:
• Do not direct supply air over pool surface.
• Do not store pool chemicals in mechanical room.
• Do not install skylights. (Save those for your greenhouse).